Dr. Margaret Werts


  • B.A. Psychology Emory University
  • M. A. Special Education University of Texas
  • Ed.S. Special Education University of Iowa
  • PhD. Special Education University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

My recent work has been in the area of efficacy of instructional practices. Specifically, I have investigated use of instructive feedback with students with disabilities. Instructive feedback is a procedure that adds information to a direct instruction teaching trial or session. The purpose is to increase the efficiency of instruction (i.e., to allow students to learn more in the same amount of instructional time). The procedure involves presenting extra information following praise for a correct response. Students typically learn the extra information. Additionally, I have looked at the use of paraprofessionals in schools. The role of teacher assistants in the delivery of instruction and assistance in the classroom as well as the retention of paraprofessionals and the interactions and collaboration of paraprofessionals, teachers, and parents has been a focus of my research. Other areas of interest include educator perceptions and social validity of practices such as RTI and inclusion and effects of teacher proximity.


Service Positions

  • Department: Faculty Professional Development Committee
Title: Professor Emeritus of Special Education
Department: Department of Reading Education and Special Education

Email address: Email me


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