Promotion, Tenure, and Merit Guidelines

The Department of Reading Education and Special Education (RESE) is committed to encouraging, supporting and maintaining high levels of faculty performance. From a socio-cultural perspective, standards for performance emerge as a product of dialogue among members of the community of practice. Therefore, documents created by the faculty are an attempt to capture standards at a point in time; they are by nature static. But in reality, these documents serve only as a basis for framing the dialogue which creates the de facto standards. Specific criteria within written documents must remain flexible, or we risk a static, inflexible, unfair and unacceptable system. RESE is committed to maintaining a dynamic system of evaluation based on the ongoing dialogue of faculty members. In addition, RESE seeks to make the criteria for promotions and tenure as clear as possible. In an attempt to communicate clearly, RESE faculty members have spent considerable time discussing criteria and, most important, reaching agreement on basic assumptions that drive the criteria developed. The agreed upon assumption is that RESE faculty members are expected to engage in ALL three areas of responsibility associated with the professorate--teaching, scholarship and service. Second, we have agreed that RESE faculty members will engage in a high level of scholarship (i.e. quality work) in their teaching, scholarship and service. Third, we have agreed that the long-term efforts of RESE faculty members will show a balance in teaching, scholarship and service.

To guide this dialogue, we have created documents that provide examples of the criteria that will be used for evaluation of faculty in the following areas:

These criteria will serve as guidelines for promotion and tenure and be applied as follows:

  1. Candidates seeking promotion to Associate Professorship and/or Tenure should show evidence of a consistent record of satisfactory and outstanding performance in the areas of teaching, scholarship and service as exemplified by the criterial documents.
  2. Candidates seeking promotion from Associate to Full Professorship should show a consistent record of outstanding and superior performance in teaching, scholarship and service as exemplified by the criterial documents.

Voting Procedures for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion of Tenure-Accruing Faculty in the Department of Reading Education and Special Education

All faculty have the right and responsibility to review the portfolios of all candidates and make recommendations to the Department Personnel Committee.

  1. Program Responsibilities: For a candidate in any given Program, all non-tenure accruing faculty shall make recommendations to the DPC. All tenure accruing faculty must vote a recommendation to the DPC.
  2. DPC Responsibilities: After review of faculty and Program recommendations, the DPC shall deliberate and vote on recommendations for tenure and promotions.
  3. Chair Responsibilities: After reviewing data from faculty, Program, and DPC, the Chair shall make an independent recommendation to the Dean and communicate the results of the Program and DPC recommendations.