Semester Wrap-up in the Anderson Reading Clinic

The Anderson Reading Clinic is set to wrap-up another successful semester of tutoring on December 6! The Clinic is a unique, year-round program that provides assistance to children in reading and writing. Over 100 students each year from across Watauga county are partnered with an Appalachian State University student for one-on-one help. Each child receives approximately 15 hours of one-to- one reading and writing instruction. An important function of the Reading Clinic is to train expert teachers of reading to work in public schools. In the Clinic, Appalachian State education students (undergraduate and graduate) receive hands-on experience while receiving guidance and constructive feedback from the experienced clinic supervisory staff.

Reading Clinic 2

This semester, our clinic students have been working hard to write their very own books. Students pick their own topic with guidance and edits from their tutor. Each session they focus on writing the chapters for their books. Later, they make a glossary and select pictures for their one of a kind book. Once finished, their book is published and each student gets the opportunity to read their book aloud to other students and tutors.

March will see another group of students honing their reading and writing skills. For more information on the Anderson Reading Clinic, contact Dr. Devery Ward at 828-262-7319 or visit

Anderson Reading Clinic
Published: Dec 1, 2017 1:27pm