September Student of the Month

May Lee is currently earning her Master’s degree in Reading Education from Appalachian State University. She is set to graduate from the Reich College of Education in the Department of Reading and Special Education in May 2018.

Why Appalachian?

Born in California and raised in Statesville, North Carolina, May was encouraged by her childhood teacher to apply to Appalachian State University.

 “Growing up, I’ve had many great teachers who have influenced me to become a teacher. In eighth grade, I had a teacher who also attended Appalachian State University and had told me how great of a school it was. Because of her great influences on me, I had my mind set on attending Appalachian State University, hoping to become as amazing of a teacher as she was.”

May attended community college in her hometown for two years prior to her admission to Appalachian State. She fell in the love with Appalachian because of the scenery, the snow, and the locals of Boone. May’s favorite thing about Boone is getting to experience all four seasons in just one day.

Pursuing a Master's of Arts in Reading Education

May decided to pursue her master’s after working with Dr. Devery Ward, who served as her professor and advisor in her time as an undergraduate. May says Dr. Ward’s support and encouragement led her to continue her pursuit of her education, even when times were tough. During her experience in the Anderson Reading Clinic and her time as a student teacher, May fell in love with the foundations of reading. She hopes to use the knowledge and experience she has gained to assist her future students in their learning.

"Dr. Devery Ward has been such a great help to me in and outside of the classroom. I had Dr. Ward as an undergrad and while I ran into her outside of class, she was always so supportive of me getting my Masters in Reading. She was also one of the reasons why I decided to get my Masters in Reading Education. When I started graduate school, I felt like everything was so hard and I just wanted to give up but Dr. Ward never gave up on me. She helped me find ways so that I could adapt to my classes and encouraged me to keep trying and to not give up."

Life on campus

On campus, May is part of a multicultural club called the Hmong Society Club. She says of the club, "We want to show the school, our peers, and visitors that Appalachian State is diverse, welcoming, and always striving to make Appalachian better.”

May’s favorite class?

May’s favorite class was Advanced Children’s Literature with Ashley Pennell. In this class, her love for reading and literature grew. May loved getting the opportunity to learn about award-winning books and other literature that is essential in today’s classroom.

 "Appstate has truly became a second home to me and no matter where I end up one day, it will always remain one of my favorite places!"

May Lee
Published: Sep 1, 2017 1:59pm