Smith Receives Research Article of the Year from CEC

Dr. Cate Smith, an assistant professor in the Department of Reading Education and Special Education at Appalachian State University, has received the “Research Article of the Year for 2016” Award from the Council for Exceptional Children’s (CEC) Technology and Media Division (TAM) and the division’s Journal of Special Education Technology (JSET).

Co-authored by David F Cihak, Eric J. Moore, Rachel E. Wright, Don D. McMahon, and Melinda M. Gibbons, the article, “Evaluating Augmented Reality to Complete a Chain Task for Elementary Students with Autism,” examines the effects of augmented reality to teach a chain task to three elementary-age students with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Augmented reality blends digital information within the real world. This study used a marker-based augmented reality picture prompt to trigger a video model clip of a student brushing her teeth. All students learned how to brush their teeth independently and maintained the skill 9 weeks later with the introduction of augmented reality. Theoretical and teacher implications were discussed in the context of using new technologies to teach students with ASDs.

Smith is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Reading Education and Special Education at Appalachian State University. Previously, she taught elementary, secondary, and postsecondary students with intellectual, developmental, and multiple disabilities. Her research interests include supporting learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the use of mobile technologies in academic, social, communication, and vocational skill development.

Published: May 2, 2017 12:19pm