UNC laboratory schools are changing the formula for education in North Carolina

Poet Adrian Rice, in a thick Irish brogue, paints a scene in the imaginations of the third-graders who sit before him in Walkertown.

“A blackbird lands in lush, green blades /Flirting its tail up and out/ Like a satin fan waved/In the high summer heat/ With the cock of the head/ From side to side / Its bill cuts a silent, yellow arc,” Rice quotes from an original poem.

A small group of 8- and 9-yearolds are spellbound, their notebooks open, pages scrawled across their desks. Several children shove their hands into the air to ask questions before clutching pencils to scratch out new poems — verses that say a great deal about their lives, their struggles, and their school.

Photo by: Troy Tuttle, Appalachian State University. 

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Adrian Rice stands with student from Middlefork Lab school, both are looking at a smart board
Published: Jun 6, 2019 10:54am