Reading Licensure

The Reading Program offers teacher licensure in the state of North Carolina for reading K-12. Students who are completing their MA in Reading Education at Appalachian State University will complete their licensure paperwork online through the DPI website. Students enrolled in the add-on licensure program will complete 18-hours of coursework that prepares them with the knowledge and expertise to teach reading in North Carolina.

Add-on Licensure Courses

RE 5100 Teaching Beginning Readers and Writers (Development of Literacy)

RE 5130 Teaching the Language Arts (Writing Practicum)

RE 5111 Issues, Trends and Practices in Reading (Writing Practicum)

RE 5715 Reading Assessment and Correction (Assessment)

RE 5725 Practicum in the Clinical Teaching of Reading (Reading Practicum)

RE 5740 Seminar in the Clinical Teaching of Reading (Reading Education)

Licensure Resources