RESE Graduate Scholarships

Janet Williams Bloodgood Endowment for Reading and Children's Literature

Daughters Elena Grandy and Elizabeth Ames along with their families established this endowment to honor the life and memory of their mother, Dr. Janet Williams Bloodgood. Dr. Bloodgood was a professor within the Department of Reading Education and Special Education in the Reich College of Education. This endowment provides scholarships for full- or part-time graduate students in the Masters of Reading Education Program who have been or are currently teaching and who express an interest in children's literature. This endowment also provides funds to purchase children's books, literature and other reading materials for the Janet W. Bloodgood Reading Room located in the Reading Clinic.The reading faculty will nominate and select the recipients of the award.

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The awards from the Janet Williams Bloodgood Endowment have been suspended temporarily due to adverse economic conditions that have impacted the endowment.

The Uberto Price Endowment for the Reich College of Education Reading Program

This endowment has been established in the honor of Uberto Price, long time professor of reading at Appalachian State University. The proceeds from this endowment are for the "highest and best use of the Reading Program in the Department of Reading Education and Special Education (RESE)," which include support for the Price Reading/Language Arts Symposium and may include scholarship support for full-time graduate students majoring in reading education. The reading program coordinator and chair of the Department of RESE, in consultation with the Dean of the Reich College of Education will determine use of the proceeds. Scholarships awarded students will be based on nominations from the reading faculty.

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College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)-For Students in the Special Education Program

Established by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2011, the Forgivable Education Loans for Service provides financial assistance to qualified students enrolled in an approved education program and committed to working in critical employment shortage professions in North Carolina.